NMS Venom Lacrosse

Richmond, Virginia

To be a member of NMS Venom, you must pledge yourself to a higher accountability that demands you be a better person then you are a player through example and a standard of conduct at all times. You will be expected to be accountable in all aspects of life including maintaining high academic standards, proper social conduct, community engagement, etc.

You represent all aspects of Lacrosse (tradition, sportsmanship, community) and you must be willing to live this Mission Statement, be willing to challenge yourself to achieve excellence even when you don’t think it’s possible and play with a deep reservoir of heart at all times.

Promote the sport of lacrosse and the lacrosse player.

Have individuals who are better people than they are lacrosse players.

Team recognition, Player recognition, Prepare for High School/Middle School season. Develop skills to move on to the next level.

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Orders Deadline Sept 20th | Est. Shipping Date Oct 11th

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