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Blackhawk Lacrosse is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of Richmond, Virginia with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the great game of lacrosse. Blackhawk Lacrosse offers a variety of programs for boys and girls of all skill levels.

Our mission: Teach young people the game of lacrosse by emphasizing sound fundamentals as well as higher level skills and concepts in an environment that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and above all, fun.

At the end of the day, it’s not the sport that makes the difference. It’s the experience you and your child have at the game that makes the difference. That’s why we operate our leagues very differently than other leagues. We operate based on the following 5 core principles:

Fun: We believe that the primary reason children play sports is to have fun. They love mastering new skills, developing friendships, and healthy competition.

Inclusivity: That’s our word for everyone’s right to play and have fun. Our recreational program is for everyone, regardless of ability level. No child will ever be excluded by a tryout, be made to feel like they aren’t good enough because of a league draft, or be cut from a team. We endeavor to provide every player equal playing time.

Safety: We believe your child’s safety is paramount. As such, we require mandatory coaching education as well as a background check for every coach supervising your children. We also hire trained officials for each game to ensure that “safe play” is enforced.

Good Sportsmanship: We believe that learning to play the game is only half the equation. Helping children develop character is the other half. The value of teaching children teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship goes far beyond the game.

Healthy Competition: Competition is a natural instinct. However, the “win-at-all-costs” mentality so prevalent in youth sports today is not only destructive to team morale, it severely undermines individual self-esteem. We believe everyone should be both encouraged and given the opportunity to make the most of their abilities.

  • All skill levels welcome – No tryouts! No drafts!
  • Everyone plays – every game!
  • No fundraisers of any kind!
  • No mandatory volunteering!
  • Trained officials at every game.

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