Granby, VA

Our mission is to “Raise the Bar” so that ALL students will be well prepared for college and the world of work. This will be accomplished through rigor, relevance, and relationships between all Granby stakeholders.

The history of Granby High School can be measured by the success of its many students. Ushered in during the New Deal Era, the school immediately took on the responsibility of educating tens of thousands of our nation’s finest youth. Many of Granby’s alumni have grown to prominence. Graduate Joe Leafe served as Mayor of Norfolk. Tom Moss served in the Virginia House of Delegates as Speaker of that body. Other famous alumni include at least two superintendents of school systems, a renowned artist, a national newscaster and a Space Shuttle astronaut.

Navy Blue, Las Vegas Gold, and Silver are the school colors.  You will commonly see the Navy Blue and Gold Together and Silver as an accent color. Blue representing the color of the Chesapeake Bay, which is in Granby’s vicinity. The gold and silver are derived from the proverb: ”A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” This quote is also hung on a plaque in the hallway.  Granby’s school symbol and mascot is the comet.  Granby often uses the “G” logo which is similar to the University of Georgia logo used for athletics.

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