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Chesterfield Youth Lacrosse (CYL) is committed to supporting the continued explosive growth of lacrosse in Chesterfield County and the greater Richmond/Central VA area by providing high quality recreation-level boys lacrosse instruction and play for beginning and experienced players from grade 3 up to High School.

Bringing together the best coaches, facilities, administration, scheduling and organizational support - we are confident that CYL is in a unique position to grow with the sport and improve the quality of lacrosse instruction and training for players and their families. Importantly - our focus is solely on recreation level lacrosse, where all players at every skill level will receive appropriate coaching on the core fundamentals of lacrosse. Each player will learn new skills to improve their individual game, as well as work on team concepts in competitive game situations.

With the exciting addition of new VHSL lacrosse teams in many Chesterfield County High Schools beginning in Spring 2015, we expect the growth in Lacrosse to greatly accelerate in Chesterfield County - as it is nationwide. CYL is committed to developing Lacrosse players who are skilled in the fundamentals; who play hard while always having fun; and who understand and respect the rich traditions of lacrosse - "America's First Sport", and the "Fastest Game on Two Feet". We look forward to bringing our experience and passion together into one united lacrosse organization - and to the many years of great lacrosse ahead of us!

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